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Click HERE to Sign up for 365 Days for Life Imperial Valley Prayer Vigil

Join us for the BIGGEST and BEST Baby Shower ever held in the Imperial Valley May 5th, 5:00 PM at City Hall.  Click HERE for more information. 

The battle for LIFE continues!  Now is not the time to back down.  Keep praying!  If you haven’t signed up for the 365 Days for Life Imperial Valley Prayer Vigil, follow the link above! Remember to be compassionate to those who have become victims to the misinformation campaign of Planned Parenthood.  Our place is not to condemn them for the past; ours is to declare the truth and protect the future.  Is there an abortion in your past? Some of the symptoms of post-abortion syndrome are depression, thoughts of suicide, difficulty handling relationships, drug abuse, alcoholism or other life altering addictions, and feelings of guilt. Sometimes these symptoms continue for many years, even decades. There is help! Attend a post-abortion recovery weekend and find the freedom, healing, and forgiveness you never thought you could experience. Your confidentiality will be protected. For information about the next no-cost recovery weekend please contact Stacie Chandler 760–234-8479. Men’s post abortion counseling is also available. For information about the Men’s Recovery contact Norm Chandler at 760–960-2556.

The women and men who have been involved in an abortion are suffering and need your compassion. It is on their behalf that we are battling Planned Parenthood.  The confused and desperate woman with an unplanned pregnancy who doesn’t know where to turn needs your compassion.  It is on their behalf that we are battling Planned Parenthood.  The innocent unborn child who faces the death penalty because of a potential disability needs your compassion.  It is on their behalf that we are battling Planned Parenthood.  For these and so many others in need of your compassion, please continue to fast and pray.  Please continue to stand and fight.  Please continue to love and teach.  Thank you, all of you, who have joined with us in this battle.

Remember to go to to add your name to the prayer vigil in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic on 4th street. 

Educational resources are available from these places:

Real Hope Center, Amaris Ministries Silent VoicesSusan B. Anthony List, Life Issues Institute, Operation Rescue, National Right to Life Organization, Abortion Changes You, the National Center for Life and Liberty,  and more.


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