Pro-Life Resources in the Imperial Valley

The Real Hope Center

Pregnancy Test, Maternity pants/shirts, baby clothing, diapers, bottles and formula, strollers, car seats and school supplies

  • Crisis Counseling
  • Parenting Training & Counseling
  • Help with social services and forms
  • Teen Crisis counseling and help with referrals
  • Abortion Recovery classes:
    Women and Men separate
  • Bible study for new believers and referral to local churches


Deby Ellett  (760) 353-4673 office

Abortion Recovery Counselor:

Aloma Gomez Harris cell 626.390.9792 (Spanish)

548 W. Main St. #B, El Centro 24/7 call 800.712.4357

Amaris Ministries

Parenting Support for families with children from adoption or foster care

Administrator Aloma Gomez Harris (Spanish)

cell 626.390.9792

585 W. Orange Ave, El Centro

Office (760) 337-9444

Christ Community Church

New Creations – Men  (760) 455-4676

Drug rehabilitation – voluntary minimum 6 month commitment (including court order or CPS)

536 S.  6th St., El Centro

New Creations – Women (760) 482-0433

Drug rehabilitation – voluntary minimum 6 month commitment (including court order or CPS)

Angel Dyson or Julie Renteria

428 S. 5th St., El Centro

Redeemer Church/Igelsia El Redentor Recovery Home

Drug rehabilitation

(760) 344-0303

305 N. 9th St., Brawley

Imperial Valley Ministries Recovery Home

Drug Rehabilitation – women and men

427 Broadway, El Centro

(760) 353-6012

Igelsia Baptista Hogar Para Hombres

Drug Rehabilitation – Men (Spanish)

Pastor Richard Moore  (760) 356-2268

722 E. 6th St., Holtville

Salvation Army

Emergency help with utilities, rent, clothing, furniture and household items and other social services resources and sign up information

(760) 352-2260

Thrift Store 1301 S. 4th St., El Centro

Major Jerry Esqueda (760) 353-4800

Seeley Community Church

Pre Marriage Counseling; Military Support; Crisis Marriage Counseling and Crisis Parenting Counseling

Pastor Patrick & Aloma Harris
Office:  (760) 352-4280 or
for Spanish 626.390.9792

1774 Rio Vista, Seeley

Turning Point Men’s Home

Drug Rehabilitation  – voluntary minimum 6 month commitment (including court order)

Norm Chandler  (760) 356-4307

450 Cedar, Holtville


Christian Women’s Support group: Bible study, parenting support group, anger management and help with clothing for work and Temporary housing for employed women with or without children


Stacy Chandler  cell (760) 234-8479 or

Office (760) 344-0411

159 S. 6th St., Brawley
Abortion Recovery classes for women

El Centro:

Betty Predmore  cell (760) 234-8479 or

Office  (760) 353-1244

212 S. 6th St., El Centro

House of Hope/ Catholic Charities

Emergency Shelter for Women & Children

(760) 353-1182

1948 W. Orange Ave., El Centro

Birth Choice / Catholic Church

Pregnancy test, newborn diapers, clothing and formula or other newborn items

(760) 352-2881

229 S. 8th St. El Centro

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