FileZilla® Setup Guide

This guide outlines how to Download, Configure, and Use the FileZilla Client FTP software to transfer files. FileZilla® is a registered trademark of its respective owners.

NOTE: You will need your pre-configured .xml file to your desktop before starting this guide. If you are an advanced user wish to learn how to configure FileZilla yourself, see the tutorial here:

1. Download and install FileZilla

  1. Download FileZilla Client at
  2. Install on your computer. Tutorial here:

2. Configure FileZilla using a pre-configured .xml

  1. Download your .xml file to your desktop. It contains your FTP login information. It will look something like this, “youraccountnamehere.xml”.
  2. Run or start the FileZilla program.
  3. Once the program has launched, import the “.xml” file from your desktop.
    1. File > Import…

    2. Navigate to your Desktop and open the “.xml” file.
    3. A dialog box call Import Settings will appear. Make sure that the categories for Site Manager entries and Settings are checked, and click OK.

    4. Close and restart FileZilla.

3. Using FileZilla

  1. Run or start the FileZilla program.
  2. Open the Site Manager. It is the icon at the far left.

  3. Find your entry and double click to connect.

  4. You will see four window panes. The left side is the Local site where you see files on your computer. The right side is the Remote site which shows uploaded file on the FTP site. This is where you will drop files in to send to us.

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