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Help Us Save Lives!!

The staff and management of KGBA FM 100.1 thank you for your efforts to  prevent Planned Parenthood from opening an abortion clinic here in El Centro. In case you were not aware, Planned Parenthood has built and opened a clinic on 4th street near Ross avenue in El Centro. In contrast, as a pro-life community and a part of the Imperial Valley Coalition for Life, KGBA, churches, businesses, ministries, and individuals came together to host the Baby Shower for Life!  What a fantastic outpouring of love and support for the mothers in the Imperial Valley who have chosen life for their babies.  A large trailer was filled to the brim with diapers, wipes, carseats, strollers, baby and maternity clothes, baby bottles and all sorts of baby shower items!  These donations will help ministries like Birthchoice, and the Real Hope Center meet the needs of mothers in our community!  Thank you so much for your generosity!  We encourage you to continue to support those ministries with your donations and baby care items as the needs continue throughout the year!  It is our plan to make the baby shower an annual event!

Below is an update from the IV Coalition for life:
Update 5-5-15

Dear fellow fighters for life,
I want to give you an update on the Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic situation, as today was a very eventful day…

We were blessed by having Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, an outspoken, well-known pro-life activist with a long list of impressive credentials, to address local pastors and pro-life leaders at an encouraging luncheon and then address the El Centro City Council.  She had a powerful and inspiring message!  We had an incredible turnout and outpouring of gifts at our Baby Shower for Life – wow – what an awesome testament to how much our community cares!  At the same time, there was a ministry fair with local organizations that had booths displaying and distributing information on what they do to help women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Thank you to all who came out tonight and prayed and brought gifts – it was fantastic!

So where does the issue stand now?
There is good news and there is bad news.

The bad news is that at the El Centro City Council meeting a report was given by lawyers from Procopio, the law firm the Council hired to give them outside legal counsel on what they could do regarding the transfer agreement with PP.  In a nutshell, they said that the City Council’s hands are tied because CA state law is so liberal when it comes to reproductive rights and that state law trumps what the City might do.  The hospital does have the legal right to refuse to sign the transfer agreement, however, because they receive funding from MediCal and MediCare, the hospital must comply with their non-discrimination rules – and they would interpret NOT signing the transfer agreement to be discriminatory toward women’s reproductive rights and would therefore pull their funding.  Also, PP would have grounds for a lawsuit.  So it boils down to the choice of $$$ or LIFE for the hospital.  Based on this legal opinion, the City Council believes there is nothing that can be done but that the community should continue their efforts to provide alternative resources.

The good news is that the Coalition is still not 100% convinced and is going to have the ADF attorneys in CA review this.  The other good news is that God is still on the throne and when man’s abilities fail, the law fails and the government fails to be able to come through – that is when God has room to do a miracle and get all the glory for it.  And we are still believing that PP can be put out of business due to a lack of business (since they are only in it for the $$$)!
The bad news is that it is our understanding that PP has opened its doors for business.  The issue of the fire chief not approving their final inspection and their need to do significant upgrades like sprinklers and a roof is still on the table.  However, because of PP’s threatened lawsuit over this, the City Council has requested that the State Fire Chief give his opinion, which he has 30 days to render.  In the meantime, PP can operate under a conditional occupancy permit from the City, meaning they can open for business but cannot perform any surgical procedures that require sedation.  However, they can still give out the RU-486 abortion pill, along with plenty of bad advice.  So we encourage anyone who is available to go there to pray and to take part in the 365 days for Life prayer vigil.  You can sign up for vigil time slots at our website
The good news is that we can still overcome this evil with good!  The key is to NOT get discouraged and to NOT back down now.  Now more than ever it is critical to be vigilant in prayer and support.  Part of this good news is that we are working to start a mobile clinic and eventually, a regular clinic in a building, at a property that is being purchased strategically close to PP.  While PP is providing “low-cost healthcare,” Stanton Healthcare will provide FREE quality (life-affirming) healthcare for pregnant women.
There are several ways that you can get or remain engaged in the pro-life movement in order to promote a culture of life in the Imperial Valley and combat the culture of death PP is attempting to bring here.

1.     PRAY – we are working on having people committed to be there to pray every single day that they are open.  Please sign up for times/days that work for you to be there to pray on the sidewalk outside of the clinic. Click here to register for the 365 Days for Life prayer vigil

2.     SERVE – get involved with one of the ministries serving this need in our community – there are so many different opportunities and needs – contact us for more information.
or visit our website:

a.     The Real Hope Center – support for women and men who choose to keep their babies in difficult circumstances; offering a learn-to-earn program where a mother may earn diapers, car seats, baby clothes etc. in exchange for attending classes such as parenting or Bible studies.  They also offer confidential post-abortive counseling for both men and women.
Address:  548 W. Main St.
El Centro
Phone:  760-353-4673

b.     Birth Choice – crisis pregnancy counseling center, providing education and support services to women and men dealing with unplanned pregnancies, and providing pro-life educational resources for the community.
Address:  229 S. Eighth Street, Suite C El Centro
Phone: 760-352-2881

c.      WOVEN – women’s ministry, serving a variety of needs, including confidential post-abortive counseling for men or women, and parenting classes.
Address: 235 Main St, Brawley, CA 92227
Phone:  (760) 344-0411
Address: 212 S 6th St, El Centro
Phone: (760) 353-1244

d.     Youth for Christ’s Parent Life – program mentoring teen parents.
Address: 395 E. Main St. El Centro
Phone:  (760) 352-7070

e.     Amaris Ministries – foster care and adoption; placing infants and children regardless of ethnicity, age or special needs into loving homes.
Address:  585 W. Orange, El Centro
Phone:  (760) 337-9444

f.      CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates who represent the interests of children in family court situations and who stand up for abused and neglected children to help them find safe and permanent homes..
Address: 229 S 8th St, El Centro
Phone:(760) 353-7456

g.     Others…!

3.     GIVE – We are going to need to begin serious fundraising efforts for the Stanton Healthcare clinic.  You can make checks payable to the IV Coalition for Life.

The key is to not get discouraged and to instead be more prayerful, passionate, and engaged than ever!

For Life,
Nicole Rothfleisch

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